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Check out these how to cook images:

Day 153: A Truly Dynamic Duo
how to cook
Image by Paul Howard Photo
Around the time that everyone else was sitting down to dinner, THESE TWO started cooking in the studio!!! Although we did quite before the midnight hour. Barely. Just how good were they? #SHABANG via 500px

Cosmic Moons
how to cook
Image by Bill Gracey 15 Million Views
How’s that for a pretentious title? Taken outside in direct sunlight using my macro lens and an extension tube. The colors come from one of my wife’s scarves, and the bubbles come from a mixture of cooking oil and water. Another thing I learned at the University of Youtube.

Here’s the link to that tutorial. This is fun stuff to play with on a winter’s day.

If you enjoy this type of image, you might not hate my Drops/Bubbles set.

More of my emulsion art images can be seen in my Emulsion Art set.

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