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Provider Grill opens at its new location – U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys, South Korea – 4 June 2012
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Image by USAG-Humphreys
Click here to learn more about Camp Humphreys

U.S. Army photos by Wayne W. Marlow

Provider Grill opens at new location

CAMP HUMPHREYS – The Provider Grill opened at its new location on June 4.

The 194th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion will continue to operate the Provider Grill at its new location, Building 1291. The dining facility had previously been the Red Dragon Inn and was operated by the 719th Military Intelligence Battalion.

Cake and ribbon cuttings were held to celebrate the occasion, and the 501st Sustainment Brigade Commander, Col. Darrell Duckworth, served as guest speaker.

“If you have ever had the opportunity to dine in a facility as excellent as the Red Dragon Inn, or the old Provider Grill, then you know what a special day this is, not just for the 194th CSSB, but for all of USAG Humphreys,” Duckworth said. “It is with great pride that the 501st Sustainment Brigade, together with the 501st Military Intelligence Brigade, have been able to renovate and transfer this consolidated dining facility. I congratulate all those who have contributed to this achievement. The opening of Provider Grill is indeed a day for celebration.”

Duckworth noted that the day marks a further strengthening of the ties between the 194th CSSB and the 719th MI.

“Today we recognize the opening of the new Provider Grill, signifying a bond between the Soldiers of the 194th CSSB and the 719th MI Battalion,” he said.

“I have all the confidence that the 194th Provider Battalion’s leadership will maintain and uphold the standard of nutrition, service and dedication previously demonstrated throughout the history of both the Provider Grill and the Red Dragon Inn. Both dining facilities have a long history of excellence. They have won awards such as the best decorated dining facility, best theme and originality, best culinary arts display and garnishments and best small dining facility. And it’s all supported by professional food service Soldiers and Korean culinary chefs.”

Duckworth noted the impact the dining facility will have on Humphreys.

“The Provider Grill will feed and nourish more than 800 Soldiers daily, with selections across all food groups,” he said.

“Holidays have been known as a specialty for this dining facility and will continue to remain so under the leadership of the Provider Battalion. With the combining of the Red Dragon Inn and Provider Grill staffs, this dining facility will be taking on a new dynamic, with almost twice as many Soldiers to support.”

Duckworth also touched on the vital role cooks play.

“The Army’s food supply specialists are some of the hardest working Soldiers in our Army today. Generally, they are the first one awake and the last one to go home,” he said. “For them, there is no such thing as the weekend. They still have a responsibility to supply and serve meals on Saturdays and Sundays. Every leader in this great Army knows the importance of chow and how it directly affects the morale of our great Soldiers.”

David Duffie, USAG Humphreys food program manager, talked about the preparation involved in the DFAC transition.

“We did a lot of corresponding with the units with regard to changing of the signs and décor items like table cloths, window shades, chair covers and DFAC account changes,” he said.

Mark Cox, United States Army Garrison Humphreys deputy commander, expressed his high expectations for the Provider Grill.

"At its new location, the Provider Grill will be filling a vital function on post and it is up to the task,” he said. “The 194th’s leadership and Soldiers can be counted on to deliver delicious, nutritious meals in a vibrant setting. They have won a long line of awards and we look forward to that level of service continuing.”

Tomato garnish
how to cook
Image by Jeremy Weate
During our ace day learning Vietnamese cooking with Cuong, we learnt how to prepare this garnish, by peeling the outside of a tomato in a spiral shape. Simple but brilliant.

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