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Getting feedback
how to cook
Image by Julien Harneis
With Baka and Nestor a colleague from OCHA we went to the spontaneous camp to see how aware they were of the availability of the free health care. There were some issues on access but overall the awareness was satisfactory. In addition to the health work with our partner Solidarit├ęs we had distributed plastic sheeting, cooking sets, built latrines and showers.

How To Make Marmalade 3
how to cook
Image by amandabhslater
Chop peel finely, and add to the pan together with the juice and the pips tied up in a muslin bag. Simmer the peel till tender. The aroma is wonderful.
Add the sugar and boil rapidly until setting point is reached.

The New Edition of Broken Pencil
how to cook
Image by LexnGer
In August I was approached by Lindsay Gibb, the Editor of Broken Pencil, asking if I would consider being a guinea pig for a new feature in the magazine. Each edition, starting with the one you see on the right, they will be inviting an illustrator to create a profile of someone they think is "profile-worthy".

Since this is The Food Issue, they thought I would be a likely candidate. And since I’m always open to shameless self-promotion I agreed.

Jason Turner was the illustrator who did the profile and I’m really excited to what he’s done with all my whacky answers to questions like "Do you cook as well?" "How is the Ottawa book coming along?" and "what is your earliest memory of eating out."

I haven’t found it in stores yet, but I’m looking. Let me know if you see it anywhere. (And what you think)

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