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How to make a Winston knot
how to cook
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Image from page 66 of “Carols of Cockayne” (1869)
how to cook
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: cu31924103991000
Title: Carols of Cockayne
Year: 1869 (1860s)
Authors: Leigh, Henry S. (Henry Sambrooke), 1837-1883 St. John, Cynthia Morgan, 1852-1919. fmo Wordsworth Collection
Publisher: London, J.C. Hotten
Contributing Library: Cornell University Library
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Text Appearing Before Image:
tupidest, I met, of course, with many menWhose brains Were very small ; I found a party, now and then.With nearly none at all. A WILD HUNT. ;^ I spoke to some who talkd aboutThe weather and the crops ; To others, much the worse, no doubt.For alcohol or hops. Alas ! in evry deep, you know, There is a deeper yet;Methought that I had sunk as low As I was like to get.Say, wherefore should I deign to dive An atom deeper down ? My Man, said I, if still ahve. Is hiding out of town. The fret, the fever, and the fuss. Were wearing: out mv brain ;And so at last I haiPd a bus To take me back again.At home, securely re-installd, I rang for Mary Ann ;She said a visitor had calld— A ^stupid-looking man 54 CAROLS OF COCKAYNE. 1 questiond her, and cooks replies Completely provd the case.She said, I never did set eyes On such a silly face.^Thrice welcome. Destiny !^ I cried ; The moral that you teach :Tis thus Man travels far and wide For things within his reach ! -55 A VERY COMMON CHILD. P.AULLEY I

Text Appearing After Image:
EFLECTIVE reader, you may goFrom Chelsea unto outer Bow, And back again to Chelsea,Nor grudge the labour if you meet—In lane or alley, square or street—The child whom all the children greetAs Elsie—little Elsie. A pretty name, a pretty face,And pretty ways that give a graceTo all she does or utters,Did Fortune at her birth bestow,When little Elsies lot below—About a dozen years ago— , Got cast among the gutters. 56 CAROLS OF COCKAYNE. The Fates, you see, have willd it soThat even folks in Rotten Row Are not without their trials ;Whilst only those that know the waysOf stony Londons waifs and straysCan fancy how the seven days Pass oer the Seven Dials. Suppose an able artizan, (A model of the working man So written at and lecturd,)Amongst the fevers that infestHis temporary fever-nestShould catch a deadly one—the rest Is easily conjecturd. Twas hard, on fathers death, I think,That Elsies mother took to drink ; (Twas harder yet on baby.)The reason, reader, yo^i may guess,(/ c

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White paper, the Texas way
how to cook
Image by Dave77459
The Lankford Grocery is legendary. It is said by some to have the best burger in Houston, which is tall talking. (Houston has a vibrant burger scene, best I’ve seen. Scene/Seen, let’s call the whole thing off.) Lankford Grocery was also featured on Diners Drive-Ins, and Dives. Surely I should have been there before. Technically, I have.

But I have been refused service, which was fine with me because I tried a really good slider place that is very close. A subsequent second attempt ended in similar failure. Forget “three strikes”; one strike is enough for me in a city that has superb eating. No need to go back there.

I mentioned this to my office wife, a terrific person. She arranged to have a group lunch to a secret place: Lankford’s. She knew that I was obstinate enough to fuss, had I known. So she took me and the gang without my knowing our destination. Well played, madam.

We went and there was just enough space to accommodate our Group of 7 at two different tables. The line started forming a minute after we sat down. We had a nice long wait for service, as expected. Then we ordered and waited more. I was at the table of 3. The table of 4 was mistakenly served early, and the food sat there for 15 minutes before it was removed.

I ordered the “Red, White & Blue Burger”, comprised of the patty, bun, ranch dressing, blue cheese crumbles, roasted red pepper & red onion. I also ordered fries and unsweet tea. The tea came pretty quickly, but refills less so (as in, never). By now it was packed, and movement by the waitresses was limited. That made it hard to even deliver orders, let alone refills.

The Burger

The burger finally arrived as pictured below: swaddled in white paper and in a basket with fries. Above the meat was the roasted red pepper. Below were the crisp salad and the bleu cheese sauce (ranch dressing + cheese crumbles). I reckon the patty to be 1/3 pound, although if someone said it was ½ pound, I would argue.

So, what do I think of the burger? I was disappointed after the hype. I was cautious, because I had a negative opinion of the place after my previous experiences. I didn’t want my review tainted by those feelings. But my honest opinion is that the meat was overcooked. It had a reasonably beefy flavor, but it was dry. The only juices were from the bleu cheese sauce. Also, the bun just fell apart. It was soft and eggy, and was not up to the task of containing the meat.

Knowing that I love burgers, my colleagues asked what I thought. I told them that I was disappointed, and that it was dry. They were relieved, because they had the same opinion. They are not burger mavens, but we’ve eaten together enough for them to learn to be discerning. And their opinion was—same as mine—that Hubcap Grill does a better job.

I feel guilty even thinking this, but remember how I mentioned the mis-delivered bleu cheese burger above? I half suspect that it was recycled and placed on my basket. It was taken away just a couple minutes before mine came out, and mine was not hot. I mean, it could have sat for 15 minutes on a table before it got to me. I don’t mean this as an indictment so much as an effort to explain the quality of my burger.

I give the burger a B, mostly for the sauce.

The Fries

The fries deserve a special shout-out, because they were so bad. They are obviously freezer-bag specials, which isn’t so bad. But mine were cold, dead cold. And there was an un-cooked one in the mix. You can see it below, on top of the heap, white and broken. This was corroborated by a couple of my co-workers, who had the same experience.

Fries can sometimes rescue a meal, but these didn’t.


Yeah, I’m not even going to score the entire meal because it was so depressing. Realize, we left the office at 10:45 to get there at 11:00-ish so as to avoid a wait. Had you arrived at a reasonable time, say 11:45, you would have to wait 30 minutes for a table before eating this thing. That is after walking four blocks to find parking. Depressing.

I’m not going back. No need. I know for a certainty that there are much better burgers, and even better values. But now I can say that I have tried the burger in answer to challenges that I don’t know what I am talking about because I’d never had Lankford Grocery. I have actually been challenged that way. *rolls eyes*

I thank my office wife for her delightful gift. Thank you, Rebecca.

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