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A few nice modern kitchen sink images I found:

Puckered Inspiration
modern kitchen sink
Image by GollyGforce – Living My Worst Nightmare
Finding inspiration hasn’t been easy lately. I actually went almost 2 weeks without picking up my camera. Not that I didn’t want to, but nothing was kindling even a small spark of creativity. I tried a bunch of my standby artistic outlets with no success.

At the grocery store last night I had an idea for some fun, grabbed a couple lemons, came home and set up this really odd contraption of boxes, duct tape, a meat thermometer, and some old styrofoam.
I impaled the lemon on the meatthermo, put the dial side down, duct taped it to the boxes, covered the wall with foam, kicked the dogs into the kitchen, put on my game face and challenged the hubby to a duel! I was kickin his butt too when we both started running out of steam. He shot the last set and managed to sink one right into the center of another dart that had just made the edge of the lemon….. I was actually inspired and got a few interesting abstracts from it.

Post Modern
modern kitchen sink
Image by AndyWilson
Diana F+ with Portra VC400, developed in my kitchen sink

More from this shoot on facebook:

Polaroid and LCA
Diana and b&w film

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