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Some cool simple recipe to cook images:

prepare courgettes (7/21)
simple recipe to cook
Image by nkdx
one per serving, gives colour and texture

Orange Roughy Recipe
simple recipe to cook
Image by Arthaey
I called up my mom for her orange roughy recipe. "What orange roughy recipe?" she said. Turns out, it’s just her generic white fish fillet recipe: "Real simple. You just poach the fillets in a white wine sauce."

"Poached? ¿Qué?" I asked. We laughed at my cooking ineptitude. "Should I look that up in the dictionary then?" Heh. Poaching turns out to mean, put food in boiling liquid and ignore simmering until cooked. I can do that!

I thought I had some white wine, but I didn’t. I substituted sherry (the good stuff, too, alas; couldn’t find my cooking sherry). It was still yummy, so it looks like substituting sherry for white wine caused no harm.

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