From business plan to hands-on for food entrepreneurs in Elgin

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From business plan to hands-on for food entrepreneurs in Elgin
Opening a restaurant, buying a food truck, or starting a food catering or manufacturing business can be a daunting proposition with all its intricacies, from the theoretical to the practical. The goal of a new four-month program in Elgin is to educate …
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Amazon looking at military technology for its food business
Amazon might be looking at military technology to improve their home food delivery. This is as per a report on CNBC. The military technology, as per the report, could allow creating prepared meals that need not be refrigerated. The same would allow to …

PHOTOS: The new million David Jones food hall in Sydney
The new DJs food business aims to be like upmarket British food retailer Waitrose and the Bondi space has become like a mini market with five in-store dining areas serving 240 people alongside everything from fresh meats, seafood, fruit and veg …
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New chapter for North Bay Food Industry Group
The group hired its own part-time executive and next is gearing up for an annual banquet that celebrates local food business pioneers. Nearly 50 regional companies have come together to help each other grow, said Carolyn Stark, the group’s new executive …
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