Healthy Kitchen Design Innovations for Summer 2017

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Kitchen Design
kitchen design
Image by The Little Greene Paint Company
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Healthy Kitchen Design Innovations for Summer 2017
In the world of kitchen design, Long Island and Manhattan homeowners have more choices than ever. Products that help create a healthier home – while maintaining your preferred modern, transitional or traditional design – are among the smartest …
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15 Stunning Kitchen Nook Designs
Don’t be afraid to add some pattern and textures to your kitchen design. If you already have chosen a color scheme in the space, think about using a fabric to create window shades that play into your already existing color choices. In this kitchen, the …

Modern Kitchen Upgrade Ideas from Reform—a Danish Design Firm That is Revolutionizing Kitchen Design
Kitchen remodels can be intimidating—a myriad of choices and decisions which must be made for both aesthetic and practical reasons. Not to mention budget restraints. Enter Reform—a Danish design firm founded in 2014 by Jeppe Christensen and Michael …

One billion and counting: Why the scissors in your kitchen are a work of genius
These simple household tools have become a source of national pride in a country that takes design seriously, according to Pekka Korvenmaa, a professor of design and culture at Finland’s Aalto University. “They’re the most widely-spread Finnish design …
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