Image from page 355 of “Scotch Rite masonry illustrated : the complete ritual of the ancient and accepted Scottish Rite profusely illustrated” (1905)

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Check out these how to cook images:

Image from page 355 of “Scotch Rite masonry illustrated : the complete ritual of the ancient and accepted Scottish Rite profusely illustrated” (1905)
how to cook
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Identifier: scotchritemasonr01blan
Title: Scotch Rite masonry illustrated : the complete ritual of the ancient and accepted Scottish Rite profusely illustrated
Year: 1905 (1900s)
Authors: Blanchard, Jonathan, 1811-1892 Scottish Rite (Masonic order)
Subjects: Scottish Rite (Masonic order) Freemasonry Freemasonry
Publisher: Chicago, Ill. : E.A. Cook
Contributing Library: Harold B. Lee Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Brigham Young University

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Text Appearing After Image:
352 GRAND ELECT, PERFECT AND SUBLIME MASON, ing them to each other threetimes; then place the left hand onthe brothers back, then on hisneck as if to raise him. Thrice Puissant—-What are thepass-words? Senior Grand Warden—Thereare three principal ones: the firstis Shibboleth three times with anaspiration. The second is El-Hanan. The third is most essen-tial to be known and is Bea-Mak-eh, Bamearah, which is interpret-ed thank God we have found it.^ ^^^ej^rZT^ Thrice Puissant—What are the covered words? Senior Grand Warden—There are three: The firstis Guiblim or Jabulnm. The second is Makobim, whichinterpreted; Thats he! He is deadP The third isAdonai, Supreme lord of all. Thrice Puissant—Give me the word ? Senior Grand Warden—Thrice Puissant, I cannot, Iam not able to pronounce it Machbenah and Mah-hah-bone, were substituted in its place. You know what Imean, Adonai is the last covered word for this myster-ious one. Thrice Puissant—How do you enter into a lodge ofPerfecti

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New Recipes, 1955
how to cook
Image by alsis35 (now at ipernity)
"…Using Instant PET as a dry ingredient, you can easily give your family extra bone-and-muscle-building nourishment– much more than if regular bottled milk were used…"

Front and back covers (above), plus two pages (below) from a 32-page booklet published by Pet Milk Co., St. Louis, Missouri.

I assume that the real reason people cooked with the powdered stuff was because it was cheaper than fresh. This idea is reinforced by the bottom left page, which implies that its target audience only has the cash for one kind of baking implement. (Maybe the sequel showed how to morph a cookie sheet into a cake pan by embedding it in tinfoil or something.)

20091127 – cookie decorating – Superman cookie – (by AE) – 4160826301_1aa5546d70_o
how to cook
Image by Clio CJS
Aaron made a superman cookie out of a man cookie and a bell cookie for the cape. Such talent!

Superman cookie, cookies.

Carolyn’s parents’ house, Occoquan, Virginia.

November 27, 2009.
Pic by Aaron.
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BACKSTORY: This year, Vicky spent Thanksgiving with Ryan’s family in New York. So, we weren’t sure if we should have the cookie decorating or wait until next year. After finding out how much interest there was, we went ahead and did it. Aaron & Meagan, Greg & Nicole, Parthena, Carolyn, Jay & Jacky, and my mom all had a good time cooking and decorating cookies.

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