Kitchen Sunday Selfie

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Some cool how to cook images:

Kitchen Sunday Selfie
how to cook
Image by MTSOfan
More trivia about me: I wasn’t allowed in the kitchen when I was growing up. That was Mom’s room! I acquired some talent at the charcoal grill, and I was permitted to go to the refrigerator for some of my mother’s famous iced tea, but using the stove or the oven was out of the question.

I’m still not the most accomplished person in the kitchen, but nowadays, I cook dinner almost every evening. I learned, quite willingly, after I got married.

I have family members, and know other people, who depend completely on others to prepare their meals. Not because they’re unable, but because they don’t want to learn. I’m often heard to tell them that everyone needs to know how to cook. Everyone. It’s a basic life skill.

Happy Selfie Sunday, Flickr People!

Gifts of september (lightpainting)
how to cook
Image by Alexey Kljatov (ChaoticMind75)
For this picture i shoot about 80 shots, lit with flashlight in dark room from different angles and distances. Most of these shots used in processing. All shots loaded as layers and best lighted parts of them combined together with masks.

I wrote small post about light painting technique in blog: english / russian.

Prints: Artist website |

Need my photos for commercial use? Please mail me:

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