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A few nice how to cook images I found:

Recuerdos – Memories
how to cook
Image by A.Davey
Esto es lo que queda del uniforme que llevaba cuando era lobato en Caracas desde 1963 a 1965.

Mi nieto ya es demasiado grande para llevarlo.

Después de haber guardado estas prendas en una caja por casi medio ciclo, decidí hacer un cuadro con las partes que me importan más a mí.

Me premiaron con dos insignias de mérito, una para me colección de mariposas, y la seguna por saber como planchar una camisa, cocer un botón y cocinar un huevo duro. ¡Nada de deportes!
After hauling my cub scout unform around since 1965, I decided to frame the bits that are meaningful and let go of the rest.

I was in cub scouts in Caracas in the early ’60s.

The two merit badges are, left, for knowing how to iron a shirt, sew on a button and cook a hard-boiled egg; and, right, for my butterfly collection. No sports for this guy.

Since I went to the British School, we followed the British scouting system. The den mothers were named after animals in Kiping’s Jungle Stories. My den mother was Bagheera, the black Indian leopard!

In hindsight, it was marvelous living in a double imaginary world: first, scouting in a British bubble in Venezuela and, second, imagining myself in Kipling’s India, itself an invention.

day 7 pm
how to cook
Image by pinprick
watching these thing grow is fascinating. also, now i can’t stop thinking about how i’m going to cook them.

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