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Some cool how to cook images:

Waiting on a train
how to cook
Image by allfr3d
Seen in Lier Belgium

waiting for a train
song by Flash and the pan
Wonder why it’s getting cold at night
I must be getting old
Looks like I’m gonna have to wait a while
What the hell, I’m bored
What’s that there on the railway line
Looks like my old brown shoe
It ain’t mine mister, how’s that for laughs
Not even how do you do

Wonder what’s cooking at the house tonight
Stew and beans
Tune that station, turn that dial
Have another dream
Ain’t it stupid how some people stare
Not even how do you do
What’s that mister – na na na
I’m just the same as you

Running down the main line
Shaking off the pain
Heading for a bright time
Waiting for a train

Who’s that guy, I’ve seen his face before
Where or when
Must be another face from Suzie’s bar
It was different then
Ain’t no way that I can fix this up
I’ve really lost the place
What’s that mister, yeah yeah
I hope they fix you face

1. She says you don’t make it
2. She said you don’t care
3. She said she’s unhappy
4. That you’re never there
5. She give you the option
6. You sink or you drown
7. Well what’s it to be Jo

Mother feeding child traditional porridge from a gourd 3, Kyanika Women’s Group, Kitui
how to cook
Image by Bioversity International
The Kyanika Women’s Group in Kitui, who worked closely with Bioversity International as part of a project to reintroduce African leafy vegetables to the local community.

An important part of this project was teaching the local women about the nutrition of local and traditional foods, and also how to prepare and cook them as much of this knowledge had been lost.

The traditional porridge is made using maize and sorghum ground with sugar.

Note the use of a bottle gourd to serve the porridge. This women’s group established a bottle gourd museum to conserve local gourd diversity and now make some income from selling them.

Read more about our work on marketing diversity for income and equity…

Read more about Bioversity International’s work in sub-Saharan Africa…

Flo the Cat: how Sushi went Global
how to cook
Image by
Flo the Cat is shopping for things you can find on

Today, she bought home a small bluefin tuna, but then read about it here

Why this cat is important to us

Legoing by Ian Cook

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