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Some cool how to cook images:

Remarkable Russ and Regina’s Twin towers
how to cook
Image by honor the gift
1. I am thankful for the people that are pleasantly affected by the photos I make and the words and art that come through my hands. I am especially thankful for you folks that let me know in some way that these photos and words are helpful to you! Thanks!
2. I am thankful that Russ kindly showed me the reflections in Regina’s twin towers as well as give me a short history lesson of the area as well as teach me about goings on in the city. Russ is a true gentleman and an ambassador. Keep Rockin’ Regina with your awesomeness.
3. I am thankful that Russ took the time to talk with me and show me how to get the reflections in the twin towers in downtown Regina. I have had the good fortune to learn a lot from him .. perhaps I’ve mentioned it before but I freaking LOVE learning!! 🙂
4. I am thankful that because he showed me how to see the reflections I have seen more reflections in various buildings in the area at various times of the day. I do enjoy a good reflection! 🙂
5. I am thankful that I made notes and will allow myself to write more tomorrow afternoon. 🙂
6. I am thankful that Tracy accidentally reminded me to re-read previous Gratitude Wednesday posts. It helped me to see that things are going okay when my head is freaking out about choosing to pursue art making professionally. It also reminded me that I can anonymously do all of the good deeds I like but if the life of a real human being isn’t affected positively, what is the point? This also reminds me of the Post Secret guy. He saw a need for people to share their secrets and have their secrets heard by a real person and stepped up to the plate. You can’t hit a home run if you don’t step up to the plate. So yeah, make your own art!
7. I am thankful for Greg Mortenson’s Three cups of tea:. It is a very interesting story and he seems to have a set of horse shoes tucked away somewhere like I seem to. I identify with how he followed his instincts as opposed to what was thought of as safe and expected. I read the book a while ago but it still haunts me like Viktor Frankl’s Man’s Search for Meaning,
8. I am thankful for trading slow cookers with my friend because hers was too small for her needs and mine was too large for my slow cooking needs. I have used her perfectly sized little one more in a month than I used my large one in over five years! My new (to me) slow cooker is also helping me learn to make some seriously delicious legume soups and stews .. about time. I wonder how curry would work in the slow cooker.
9. I am thankful for practising and improving at communicating gratitude.
10. I am thankful for silk under clothing. It keeps me warm but not hot while feeling invisibly pleasant next to my skin.
11. I am thankful for going to bed earlier this week. (Usually)
12. I am thankful for reading a story about letting yourself have fear and want to procrastinate. Specifically allow yourself not to want to do the thing. It made me think of how often we are encouraged to push our fear under and deny it when if we just shone some light on it we could see what the fear or anxiety really is AND that it is logical based on past experience but isn’t scary at all! 🙂 I am thankful for the sharing of this story because it helped me to relate why I have hidden and/or destroyed most art I have made over the years. It also helped me to view my mom’s upcoming retirement in a different light! Even though retirement will free her up to pursue other adventures in her life, not going to work is a huge change!! She has worked her butt off her entire life, now she is told she doesn’t have to? And to think, I was afraid of going into high school – this brings people going through life changes in a whole new light to me! Retirees, graduates, health and relationship changes .. I don’t think there is a manual?? Luckily we don’t have to want to do anything and that not wanting to do something has nothing to do with whether we do it or not! Ha! 🙂 I hope that made sense, I may edit.
13. I am thankful for the audio edition of Linchpin (still) because it talked about fear versus anxiety which helped me straighten them out better! Fear is helpful because it saves your life, anxiety is very different!
14. I am thankful for completing the text portion of a friends’ graduation present. I want to paint the frame white now because the black frame takes away from the blue ink, other than that I am somewhat satisfied with it. It is nice to see my work finished/framed.
15. I am thankful that the “Thank you” piece in memory of people who chose to donate organs and their families isn’t making me cry quite as much. The six year anniversary of this last organ transplant is 11 September 2010. It feels good to let the gratitude and story out in a more visual way.
16. I am thankful that my niece is enjoying the things I gave her and that my sister (her mom) let me know. Tall little girls need special things that make them feel fabulous!! 🙂 I always wanted red shoes when I was a kid but didn’t allow myself to have a pair until just a few years ago – I made sure she had her first pair when she was eight!! Eight is a very important age.
17. I am thankful that there will be more sun soon so that I can get the photo I have in my head into my camera and then to my nephew so that he won’t think I had forgotten about him .. because I haven’t and I don’t. I am thankful for taking the time to write out a number of the ways that my favourite nephew inspires me .. I just need to get the list to him now!! 🙂
18. I am thankful for buying peaches and new potatoes from the farmer market today! They are wonderful! The first taste of the potatoes caused me to groan with delight, I had forgotten how amazing new potatoes taste. Now with my beets I can have people over for borscht! 😉 I also bought a fresh onion but haven’t tried it yet. I think it is a white, sweet spanish onion.
19. I am thankful for putting in extra work this evening, even if it is after 1am and I am still working on my gratitude list.
20. I am thankful for expanding why I am thankful, even if the list seems shorter, if feels more meaningful to me.
21. I am thankful that we both made it to the end of today’s list. Be well, make your week delightful! 😉

Chocolate icing_3541
how to cook
Image by Barta IV
This photograph is free to use according to the rights described.
Credit as "Barta IV"
Please leave a small picture or a link in the comments to show how you used the photo in your work.
Enjoy and be creative.

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