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American Big Bill
how to cook
Image by Saint Iscariot
"Remember that you are fighting more than your own fight. You are fighting for the entire working class and you must stand together."

"I want political action that counts. I want a working class that can hold an election every day if they want to."

"A strike is an incipient revolution. Many large revolutions have grown out of a small strike."

“The bosses’ brains are under the cap of the working man.”

"Every dollar that the boss did not work for, one of us worked for a dollar and didn’t get it."

"If the workers are organized, all they have to do is to put their hands in their pockets and they have got the capitalist class whipped."

"I haven’t read Marx’s Capital but I’ve got the marks of capital all over my body."

"Fellow Workers, this is the Continental Congress of the Working Class. We are here to confederate the workers of this country into a working-class movement in possession of the economic powers, the means of life, in control of the machinery of production and distribution without regard to capitalist masters."

"You ask me why the IWW is not patriotic to the United States. If you were a bum without a blanket; if you had left your wife and kids when you went west for a job, and had never located them since; if your job had never kept you long enough in a place to qualify to vote; if you slept in a lousy, sour bunkhouse, and ate food just as rotten as they could give you and get by with it; if deputy sheriffs shot your cooking cans full of holes and spilled your grub on the ground; if your wages were lowered on you when the bosses thought they had you down…if every person who represented law and order and the nation beat you up, railroaded you to jail, and the good Christian people cheered and told them to go to it, how in hell do you expect a man to be patriotic? This war is a businessman’s war and we don’t see why we should go out and get shot in order to save the lovely state of affairs that we now enjoy."

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Image from page 59 of “Inglenook, The (1911)” (1911)
how to cook
Image by Internet Archive Book Images
Identifier: inglenook1911132752bret
Title: Inglenook, The (1911)
Year: 1911 (1910s)
Authors: Brethren Publishing House Miller, S. Christian
Subjects: Church of the Brethren–Periodicals
Publisher: Elgin, Ill. : Brethren Publishing House
Contributing Library: Bridgewater College, Alexander Mack Memorial Library
Digitizing Sponsor: LYRASIS members and Sloan Foundation

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Text Appearing Before Image:
lock and find where the tree grew,but something always held her back.Could she bear to see it growing out ofsordid surroundings ? No; she wouldrather imagine it in a garden such as wasbefitting, a quiet, secluded garden whereall sweet-smelling flowers grew, andwhere there might indeed be moan ofdoves and murmuring of innumerablebees. And beyond the tree there shouldbe a house, warm and red, with tall whitepillars before the open door, and within—ah, within there should be life arid loveand laughter, things she had neverknown! Early in November the tree was bare.Not a leaf of all the whispering myriadwas left. There had been storms, be-fore which the tree had bowed and bent,its stark branches straining and fretting;but always it had reared its head againwhen the storm was spent. In Decem-ber came a succession of splendid crim-son sunrises, and over the royal glow—a delicate tracery, strong yet fine—spreadthe bare black branches of the tree. Atsunset the clouds behind the branches

Text Appearing After Image:
O Tree, I worship your beautifulaess. were rose-tinted ; at night, moon-silvered.At night, too, the web was filled withstars, like goldfish caught in a net. Nomatter how hard the day had been forMargaret, how wearisome the endlessmeasuring of endless yards of ribbon,she had her quiet hour at the window,from which she turned away rested be-yond measure. When it snowed, sheleaned out to feel the soft, cool touchupon her cheek, and wondered whatmessage these silent flakes, so manywinged Mercurys, brought to the tree—as silent as themselves now, without itsgreen tongues. And how she changed! The thincheeks rounded and took on a fainttinge of pink, the tired eyes brightenedwith an inner flame. She smoothed herhair with defter fingers and donned hersimple garments with a daintier touch.Good Mrs. Boehm attributed the changeto her own cooking, and the girls at thestore winked knowingly and hinted at a beau. Of their hints she knew noth-ing, for as spring approached she wasabsorbed in the on

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