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Cold Smoke Day on the Jersey Shore
how to cook
Image by flickr4jazz
Jersey Shore Fightin’ Texas Aggie Ring Cold Smoke After Action Review (AAR) 122617 1800 hrs:

Fightin’ Texas Aggie Ring was just as pleased as a little Aggie Ring could be when he took his goodies out of the cold smoker.

The Swiss cheese had acquired a nice dark patina, the cold smoke had permeated throughout the three different types of sausages he smoked as well as the thick-cut fresh bacon. Note the one photo of smoked bacon on the left and unsmoked on the right. The cold smoking had even darkened the bacon. The big chunk of Irish butter was even still firm and in one piece.

However, what most amazed Aggie Ring about this particular cold smoke combat mission was how good the pickle slices he cold smoked were. They were still cool and crisp and when he tried one, you could taste that pecan and apple smoke. Aggie Ring isn’t one of those Aggie Rings who is the biggest fan of pickles, but he told me he could eat those things all day. I had to beg him to stop eating them and to put them back into the jars of brine so the smoky flavor could develop further over the next week or so. “We’ll be buying a case of pickles so we can have a dedicated pickle smoking day!” excitedly exclaimed Aggie Ring.

Aggie Ring tasted just a tiny sliver or the cold smoked Irish butter. It too tasted of delicious pecan and apple smoke. “This is going to be excellent on some fresh green beans or asparagus.” said Aggie Ring. “Maybe even on some broccoli rabe.”

“Ok, time to take care of this delicious pecan and apple wood cold smoked bacon.” he said.

The Aggie Ring lined some baking pans with foil and put some cookie racks into them. He cut the bacon in half and placed all two pounds of it on the racks. He placed the pans into a cold oven and turned up the fire. Aggie Ring cooked that bacon until it was nice and crisp because that’s how Aggie Ring rolls.

When the cold smoked bacon was cooked and had cooled down, Aggie Ring jumped up onto the mountain of bacon and yelled out, “I’m the Aggie Ring King of Bacon!”

“What are we ever going to do with all of this smoked bacon?” I asked. “Is there someone we could share it with? We can’t possibly finish all of this.”

“I’ll show you what you can do with bacon.” said Aggie Ring. “Fetch me a glass of bourbon. Neat.”

I did what Aggie Ring requested and brought him some bourbon. He immediately jumped down from “Bacon Mountain” and placed three slices into the bourbon. “Wow!” I said. “How did you ever think of something so wonderful and magical as bacon in bourbon?”

“I’m Aggie Ring damnit. It’s my job to think up amazing things.” he said.

“Well God bless us, every one of us.” I told him. “This has been the best Christmas ever.

(Note: For those of you dear readers who are curious about how the cold smoked bacon bourbon tasted, all I can say is that, if you have the means, I highly recommend that you try it. The delicate flavors of the pecan and apple woods paired so well with the flavor of the bourbon. It was truly a small slice of heaven.)

“That really is a lot of bacon.” I told Aggie Ring. “I’m going to have to go to the Class VI tomorrow and get another bottle of bourbon. Too bad you don’t like a Bloody Mary. That bacon would probably be quite good with the tomato juice and vodka.”

We put the cheese into vented bags to dry overnight in the refrigerator and will vacuum seal them tomorrow so they can mature for a couple of weeks.

“What are we going to do with all of this cold smoked Swiss cheese and sausage?” I asked the ring. “This is too much food for us.”

“Well…” pondered Aggie Ring. “I suppose we can drop half of it off tomorrow at the brewery for the beer girls when we’re coming back from buying more pickles. It is the holiday season after all, and Elvis said, ‘Christmas is a time for giving.”

“Well put Aggie Ring. Well put.” I told him.


Harvest Matching
how to cook
Image by Electrolux Design Lab
Harvest Matching it is an easy and fun way to monitor how your plants are growing and becoming ripe as well as inviting friends to cook together. Growing your own plants is a growing trend in the cities and Harvest Matching enables this interest to become more efficient and social. The appliance monitors and analyzes plants and as they become ripe it suggests and organizes a dinner party. The energy for the appliance comes from solar energy and the functions can be controlled with an app.

Country: Taiwan
Designer: Ke chang-han
University: Technology school, National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Taiwan, Province Of China

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