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soupy luther (for groc)
how to cook
Image by Rakka
join the soupy legions!

Easter, Michael, and Jason Castro??!
how to cook
Image by i heart him
.my personal photo.

Soooooo… Can’t believe I’m barely writing about this, but it was a busy Sunday. It included a bunch of those up there in the picture. Easter is what? Two weeks away?? We’ve been painting some eggshells for the Easter egg hunt. (By "we" I mean ME… okay… my sister painted a few… so did my mom…. but MOSTLY ME! lol.) (oh. & I guess my brother painted one. Can you guess which one?)

Anyway, the Jason Castro concert was Saturday night!! I just want to say that it was freakin’ amazing!!!!!! Seriously. Just… wow.

So, Michael Castro went on stage first. Of course he started off with his American Idol audition song, "In Love With a Girl." It was nice to hear him say "bitter" the way he sings it. LOL. Love it! Then he sang some of his own songs. "Free" was amazing; the bridge was HILARIOUS!! He also sang "The Whole Idea" (I think that’s what he said it was called), "This Boy, "Trouble" (which was a cover)… Gosh, he sang like two-three other songs but I can’t remember what the freak they were called. I just remember that I heart them!!!! ahaha. & now that I’m laughing it reminds me to mention: Michael is a funny guy! He had us laughing in between his songs as he explained what each one was about and what not. 😛

&& *drum roll* JASON was next to hit the stage. Oh, goodness my ears still hurt. Too. Much. Screaming. Ouuuch. He sang some songs from American Idol like "Hallelujah" and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" *sigh* Beautimus. He also sang some of his new songs although he didn’t say what they were called…. except… "Love Uncompromised." He mentioned something about that song and American Idol this week. I’m totally not sure what he said… too much cheering to actually process what he said. lol. He could’ve said he’ll be watching American Idol while singing this song to himself for all I know. 😛 But, wow. If you liked him on the show… then you actually have to see him on that stage in front of you. It’s not even the same thing. His own songs, his own band; it’s phenomenal.

OH. Did I mention we got to sing him Happy Birthday?? ‘Cause we totally did… although his guitarist ALMOST dropped the cake he brought out because he kind of tripped off stage. hahahah. Funny!!! Gah. Good times. I was so sad when it was over. When he walked off stage everyone stood up to clap/cheer. We stayed there for like five minutes just clapping and cheering. I believe there were also some "Jason! Jason! Jason!" and "One More Song! One More Song!" chants. lol. Finally all of our crazy antics made Jason come back out and he sang "Daydream" for us. Yaaaay! The first song he did on American Idol (wow. that was over a year ago). As the final song (how saaad) he sang "Crazy" (a cover of a Gnarls Barkley cover). Amazingness. I hope he and Michael come back sooooooonnn!! Noow… how do I get David Cook to come to my town?? Or at least my STATE, dammit!! 🙁 Love you DC. 🙂

Castro Returns

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