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Some cool how to cook images:

how to cook
Image by VernsPics
I love the curved lines where the wind blown snow cornices to the East. It sort of draws and invites you up there and walking out along it provides an exhilirating view in all directions. We claimed our first peak!

Looking down to the right of the shot we could see down onto Mt Cook Village and see just how far we’d come already. A quick step off the right of the peak and we’d soon be back in the village via a steep snow and scree slope but we decided it best to take the safe option and keep on to camp 2.

It was pretty cold at this point and after claiming the peak we huddled behind the biggest rock we could find and hooked into some salami and cheese wraps; then off to Mt Annette.

Cooked Breakfast For Four
how to cook
Image by Kaptain Kobold
We normally do this for Catherine’s birthday (tomorrow), but since we have a big stuff planned for the evening we decided to bring the Traditional Cooked Breakfast forward a day. Notice how everyone has something different.

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