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simple recipe to cook
Image by 7D7 Studio (Omar)
Dessert served with Wednesdays dinner.

Wednesday when I went grocery shopping for a few items I needed for dinner, I thought about making a desert, an item we rarely have in our household after dinner; I thought it would be a good idea and I’ve seen enough simple desserts made on TV to know that all I need is sugar and dough. So I bought some strawberries and some dessert dough package (the name escapes me) my grocer didn’t have filo dough, but it saved me since it was thicker than filo and the strawberry compost would have oozed out. I started with melting some butter, then sugar (looked like 1/4 cup) after it start to melt it, I followed with a bunch of strawberries and about 1/2 cup of heavy cream; it all smelled great and I thought awesome, this is going to be good. I cut the dough, placed some of the strawberry compost/creation (can it be called compost since it has heavy cream? some of my culinary savy/good eater friends who visit my photoblog might answer this one) after it was filled I put in the oven to bake at 300 Fahrenheit, not knowing how much time I would need, I first added 20 minutes to the timer, then 10 more, total of 30 minutes. The thing was oozing the jam every from all ends and the crust looked nice and crispy, and I have to say that for not being a "pastry chef" (excuse often used on reality cooking shows like Top Chef), I was pleased with my creation but I have lots to learn. If there is one thing I hate about baking is the rules you can’t break, the measuring, the delicate folds, figures eights, you name it, you have to come up with in order to create such delicacies. I’m a dude who cooks most of the time on the fly, if I learn a recipe I’ll add my twist, or even come up with dishes that at least my hungry brother and Alicia will eat. Baking is not my thing but this is what I learned from making the dish, don’t add cream next time, and if you do, add very little since the strawberries will dissolve if left on the flame for too long.

I think it was a failure/success because my 10 year old daughter thought it was too sweet, and I agree with her, but she didn’t finish it, maybe one or two bites and she tossed it around the plate politely until she was brave enough to tell me she wasn’t going to finish it. My brother on the other hand, finished the whole damn thing, the syrup that dressed the plate and all. I started to wonder, who has a better palate, a 10 year old who thought (and agreed with me) it was too sweet, or my brother who adds hot sauce on the pasta dishes we make at home? Guess I’ll never know, but this baking thing was surely fun and it stopped me from feeling miserable since I’ve been sick for the past few days with a sore throat and sinus pain. It was a great moment to clear the head, literally.

Big thanks to DJ for cutting the strawberries; yea I trust my 10 year old with a knife and she did a kick ass job at slicing the strawberries, they were very uniform – Thanks MA!

Shrimp pasta experiment success-ish #iPhoneography
simple recipe to cook
Image by Jezlyn26
Tried out a simple roasted shrimp pasta recipe for dinner tonight and it worked out fairly well. I usually fear overbooking shrimp, but this recipe called for a quick roast in the oven after drizzling with olive oil and seasoning. Turned out pretty good, but next time I’m going to add a little cream … Posted via email from Jezlyn’s posterous

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