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Some cool simple recipe to cook images:

simple recipe to cook
Image by yummysmellsca
Second batch of baguettes from "All You Knead is Bread" by Jane Mason.

This time, I used white bread flour, added a spoonful of my sourdough starter for piquancy and a pinch each of turmeric and ginger (turmeric for colour, ginger for the yeast). Since we were serving them a day after I mixed the dough, I made the recipe through to the final proof and refrigerated it overnight (amazing flavour this way!). I only got 3 loaves from the full recipe, but it didn’t matter – we used 1 1/2 for bruschetta and the other portion with my aunt’s Spinach Artichoke Casserole/Dip.

Half Whole Wheat Baguettes

lemon jelly.jpg
simple recipe to cook
Image by Andreas Steinkogler
A quite simple refreshment for sunny days in autumn, homemade lemon jelly.

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