There’s a pool party at sunset – everyone mark your chair with a towel

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Some cool how to cook images:

There’s a pool party at sunset – everyone mark your chair with a towel
how to cook
Image by Stuck in Customs
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I have the pool reserved for all of us! Be sure to mark down what you’ll be bringing along (and if you are on Flickr mark your chair with a note)!

I think pretty much all kinds of food and drink are welcome. I’ll bring a BBQ pit and an ambulance in case there are any problems. And I hope someone brings a boom box. Are they still called that? I don’t know. Maybe that means it will be a lame party because I don’t even know if they are called boom boxes any more, but I’m sure I’m not the only one that will bring a bit of 80’s music.

This comes from my HDR tutorial here:


Dinnerware Edge
how to cook
Image by Theen …
Macro of the edge of a dinner knife borrowed from the office kitchen. I am surprised at how thick the blade is in the macro … but I guess it is only meant for cutting up food on a plate, and the food is already cooked and in a suitable serving size.

Entry for Macro Monday 20th February 2012: "Edge".

Taken with iPhone 4S with the magnetic snap-on macro lens.

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